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Posted on: January 9, 2010 7:10 pm

Josh Cribbs

By now almost everyone has commented on this issue.  According to "All Bets are Off"'s Bruce Drennan it is possible that the Browns just threw this offer out there until the coaching spot is finalized (which it has) and when the vacant GM spot is filled (also is close to being finished).  So we might hear something new about this problem in the next few days or weeks depending on how much time it might still take.  What I think is happening is that Cribbs saw the contracts that Hester and Cartwright are receiving and wants something similar.  The problem is that Hester is supposedly Chicago's Number 1 WR and Cartwright seems to be a Occasional RB.  Also Dante Hall comes to mind as someone who was a great KR who was placed into a position that he wasn't that great at.  Cribbs was great at running the Wildcat which he seems to think might increase his value...it is plausable but it won't be a huge increase and Cribbs also had 20 catches which is the best that he has done in his career.  Yes I am an advocate for Cribbs to receive a better contract but at most he deserves 2.5 million to 3 million a year not what he seems to have in mind (I've heard figures from 5 million all the way up to 10 million a year).
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