Tag:Fair Weather Fans
Posted on: November 8, 2010 9:50 pm

Fair Weather Fans

I was wearing my Bernie Kosar jersey today when some idiot of a Steelers fan came up to me and said "Well lookie here the Browns fans are coming out of the woodwork!"  Talk about an idiot,  I've wore a Browns jersey on Friday, I wear a Browns hat almost everyday regardless of winning or losing.  I even write poetry dedicated to the Cleveland Browns. Now how in the hell does that make me a fair weather fan?  I did have a good retort though..."I'm sorry I believe you've got me mistaken for a Bengals fan." No if I were a fair weather d-bag I'd probably be wearing a brand new, clean Browns Jersey.  No you can definately tell that I've had my Bernie Kosar jersey for quite some time as is quite evident with my Joe Thomas, Derek Anderson, and even my Joe Haden jerseys.  They all have some visual conformation that I've worn them numerously.

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