Posted on: January 5, 2011 9:28 pm


As we go into yet another Browns offseason with many questions to address, the thought pattern is "Can we get it right this time?"  Eric Mangini gone and the coaching carosual continues and the questions of the last 2 years of roster evaluation needs to be looked at again.  Hopefully we get to witness another great draft like last season in which we get some more pieces to our elaborate puzzle we know as the Cleveland Browns.  The main problems we need to address this offseason are quite obvious if you've been following the Browns.  Now to sound like Captain Obvious, first things first, get a coach which actually knows what he's doing and a coaching staff as well.  I don't remember who it was on the Browns board but whoever stated that Brian Sipe should be an option as a QB coach had a great idea but probably wouldn't happen.  And now on to the next most obvious problem on the team and that is WR, plain and simple...Go get somebody in the free agency and go for somebody in the draft just as long as it isn't some garbage like Carlton Mitchell.  Talent wise on the team right now: I don't see Eric Wright, Eric Barton, Shaun Rogers, Jake Delhomme, John St.Clair, or Mike Bell returning next season if we have a season.

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The Browns shall rise again...Kinda like the Phoenix out of the ashes!
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