Posted on: November 27, 2011 7:39 pm

Browns-Bengals post game thoughts

The Good:

1. Defense played very well especially when they held the Bengals on 4th down and goal

 2. Offense played 1 of the better games they've had this year

3. Peyton Hillis' 2nd effort on several drives to get 1st downs

4. Gregg Little's TD catch...finally he managed to get into the endzone but we'll get back to him in a little bit

5. Jabal Sheard caused problems for Andy Dalton most of the game

The Bad:

1. Dropped Passes: Gregg Little was responsible for most of them which managed to kill several drives that could have changed the outcome of the game

2. Coverage on AJ Green near the end of the game: That 57 yard reception ended up costing us the god damn game

3. The Holding call on the INT:  What the hell were you thinking?  Its almost as if you're trying to give the Bengals another opportunity to score

4. The INT:  Somebody please tell me where in the hell Colt McCoy was throwing the ball

5.  Huge Plays: They eventually caused the Browns the game (AJ Green reception, Benson 33 yard gain)

The Ugly:

1. Tony Pashos: Will he ever learn that it isn't a good idea to allow giant holes that defenders can get through if they're driving a semi truck

2. The Emptiness of the Stadium: Come on Bengals fans, you're 7-4 now and you still can't sell out your stadium while we who are watching the Factory of Sadness still find ways of filling our stadium week in and week out

3. Passive Patsy: Pat Shurmur again looked like he was emotionless and clueless

4. Ryan Pontbriand: 2 out of 3 weeks he's had a bad snap costing Phil Dawson to be thrown off time and miss the FG

But otherwise there was a note of improvement and maybe we can pull one off against the Ravens or the Steelers...maybe.                                 

Posted on: November 6, 2011 5:48 pm

Randy Lerner

Since 2002, when Al Lerner died and Randy Lerner took over it almost feels as if Randy has no idea what to do with this team and year in and year out we watch our beloved Brownies suffer 1 double digit loss season after another (2007 being the exception).  Along with this there's the fact that he's made some questionable hires in the last few years (Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini, Phil Savage, etc.) which has set this team back many years behind everyone else in the AFC North.  Maybe its time for Lerner to do what he should have done a long time ago...sell the team to someone who actually cares about the Browns fans (Preferably someone from Cleveland) and won't pull an Art Modell on us either.  The only good choice he's actually made in his tenure has been hiring Holmgren which even that might be a stretch judging by how this season is playing out.

Save the Browns...hire an owner who actually cares. 
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Posted on: September 11, 2011 8:58 pm

Browns Week 1 thoughts

After watching the game against the Bengals,

I noticed some very disturbing aspects that I've noticed seem to transfer over year in and year out:
1) Inconsistent play: Playing good for 1 or 2 quarters while playing like garbage the other 2 to 3 quarters
2) Lack of WRs production: Although Massaquoi had some good catches, there was little sign of Little (Targeted a few times, no catches, ran into Cribbs on the Punt return basically ending the threat), no sign of Robiskie
3) Dropped passes: Ben Watson had a few passes that he should have caught as did Evan Moore and several of our WRs
4) Defense: Play good for most of the game but due to the inconsistent play of the offense eventually wears down
5) RBs: Why is there such a disportunate amount of rushes up the middle?  Also why do they decide to rush when everybody is expecting it?
6) Playcalling: Good god, it reminded me too much of Brian Daboll.
7) Confusion: The 3rd and 12 play on which Gradkowski (spelling?) hit AJ Green was again one of those head scratchers on which the D looked unprepared.
8) Blowing a lead: This has happened numerous times over the seasons since the return in '99.  I don't know if it's a lack of talent, a lack of coaching, or a combination of the 2.
And Finally...
9) Coaching: I've seen this several times before since '99 as there have been several instances of being outcoached as no adjustments are made (Chris Palmer, Butch Davis, Romeo Crennel, Eric Mangini).  Hopefully this trend doesn't continue with Pat Shurmur.

Sometimes it's hard being a Browns fan, but one of these days the Browns will no longer be the Clowns we're so accustomed to watching.
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Posted on: January 5, 2011 9:28 pm


As we go into yet another Browns offseason with many questions to address, the thought pattern is "Can we get it right this time?"  Eric Mangini gone and the coaching carosual continues and the questions of the last 2 years of roster evaluation needs to be looked at again.  Hopefully we get to witness another great draft like last season in which we get some more pieces to our elaborate puzzle we know as the Cleveland Browns.  The main problems we need to address this offseason are quite obvious if you've been following the Browns.  Now to sound like Captain Obvious, first things first, get a coach which actually knows what he's doing and a coaching staff as well.  I don't remember who it was on the Browns board but whoever stated that Brian Sipe should be an option as a QB coach had a great idea but probably wouldn't happen.  And now on to the next most obvious problem on the team and that is WR, plain and simple...Go get somebody in the free agency and go for somebody in the draft just as long as it isn't some garbage like Carlton Mitchell.  Talent wise on the team right now: I don't see Eric Wright, Eric Barton, Shaun Rogers, Jake Delhomme, John St.Clair, or Mike Bell returning next season if we have a season.

As always,

The Browns shall rise again...Kinda like the Phoenix out of the ashes!
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Posted on: November 22, 2010 5:31 pm

What's all wrong with the Browns

  1. No WR threats what so ever.  Massaqoui is only good as a slot option
  2. Eric Wright.  He needs to go and he needs to go quickly
  3. DL.  2 weeks straight in which we get very little pressure on the QB.  Although this week looked better than last week when El Sanchito got out of at least 3 or 4 sacks.
  4. MLB.  Barton is a so-so LB and Bowens will probably retire either this offseason or the next.  Jackson will probably not return.
  5. Brian Daboll.  Okay so he had a few good tricks to use against the Saints and Patriots but he's not proving any real play call ability.
  6. Josh Cribbs.  What the hell happened to the Cribbs of old? 
  7. Eric Mangini.  I'm still not 100% sold although I do think that he should not be fired after this season.
  8. Use Evan Moore more.  It's simple stupid he's one hell of a receiver. Maybe he should be switched from TE to WR.

Its nice to see that I'm still ranting and raving and rambling.

The Browns shall rise again just like the phoenix outta the ashes!

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Posted on: November 12, 2010 8:30 pm
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Dave Zastudil

Well not really surprised with how well Reggie Hodges has played this season and that Zastudil hasn't played in almost 2 seasons.  I know that punters don't receive a lot of love but I have to say that Zastudil was pretty good when he was healthy, although Hodges has surprised me along with the likes of Colt McCoy, Peyton Hillis, TJ Ward, and the lack of any real WR threat.

The Browns shall rise again...kinda like the Phoenix outta the ashes!
Posted on: November 8, 2010 9:50 pm

Fair Weather Fans

I was wearing my Bernie Kosar jersey today when some idiot of a Steelers fan came up to me and said "Well lookie here the Browns fans are coming out of the woodwork!"  Talk about an idiot,  I've wore a Browns jersey on Friday, I wear a Browns hat almost everyday regardless of winning or losing.  I even write poetry dedicated to the Cleveland Browns. Now how in the hell does that make me a fair weather fan?  I did have a good retort though..."I'm sorry I believe you've got me mistaken for a Bengals fan." No if I were a fair weather d-bag I'd probably be wearing a brand new, clean Browns Jersey.  No you can definately tell that I've had my Bernie Kosar jersey for quite some time as is quite evident with my Joe Thomas, Derek Anderson, and even my Joe Haden jerseys.  They all have some visual conformation that I've worn them numerously.

Posted on: October 17, 2010 5:42 pm

Colt McCoy

From what I saw today, 23-33 for 281 yds 1 td 2 ints, Colt McCoy might actually have some potential to actually be a QB that the Browns can use for the next few years to come.  Considering that the Steelers have the Number 4 defense, and the last QB to actually have a decent day against the Steelers was Derek Anderson in 2007 (the second time around), Colt McCoy might actually have been a good pickup.  Let's wait and see, though, because it's too hard to tell after only 1 game but I like what I see so far.  And I won't get into the 2 hits that James Harrison had on Mohammed Massaqoui and Josh Cribbs but I really wonder what would have happened if TJ Ward would have done the same thing, to say, Hines Ward or Mike Wallace.  I'm pretty sure the Refs wouldn't miss those.

The Browns shall rise again!
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